Ron Jaworski’s Running Deer Golf Club
1111 Parvin Mill Road
Pittsgrove, NJ 08318
(P) 856 358-2000 (F) 856-358-1537

Director of Golf
Klay Knerr
ext. 220

Private Events Director
Olivia Michalkiewicz
ext. 215

Executive Chef
Steve Pennese

Director of Marketing
Jamie Madara-Riley

General Manager
Michael Sofia
ext. 213

Charlie Clarke

Member Services Director
Rob Waitkus
ext. 225

7 Tap & Tavern ext.222

Donation Request
Please allow 4-6 weeks for donation response, in person, over the phone, or internet. When submitting your request please send in formal letter with Tax ID number

Ron Jaworski’s Personal Manager/Donations Coordinator
Trish Yerkov
Phone: 856-848-4437 Fax: 856-848-4447